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How to Save Money Across Campus

By: Anna Brown

There always comes those moments when you’re trying to save up for something special, trying to spend a little less in general, or simply trying to make it through the month. At some point or another, especially as a college student, everyone wants to save! The following tips and tricks can help you in your quest to becoming more frugal, so get your wallets ready for that extra cash!

If Buying Food on Campus, Wait Until Meal times to Use a Meal Swipe

The retail restaurants across campus have certain meal times where you can use meal equivalency. This is like using a card swipe to get into a cafeteria, and it can take $4.35 to $4.85 off your meal. Check out for information on what times each restaurant accepts meal equivalency and when!

If Cooking Your Own Meals, use Recipes with Similar Ingredients

If you don’t have a meal plan or simply want to buy your own food off campus, make sure to plan your meals ahead of time! Make a list of foods and recipes you like and pick the ones with similar ingredients. This ensures that less ingredients will go to waste or be forgotten about. Also, be sure to keep the recipes simple and look at sales when shopping!

Take Advantage of Hall Programs for Food

Not only are programs a great experience and a great way to make friends, but these programs also sometimes have food! The Resident Assistants create the programs specifically for their residents, and they want you to enjoy them! Go eat, connect with people, and enjoy saving some money on a meal!

Buy in Bulk and Eat with Friends

Making friends comes with many benefits, including saving money! If everyone pitches in to buy one or two ingredients for a meal, then everyone can eat for much cheaper.

Carpool Across Campus

If you or your friend brought your car to campus, then carpool together! This saves gas money and is better for the environment.

Free Trolley and Bus Rides

If you and your friend did not bring a car to campus, then use the buses or trolleys to get across campus or even town! Download the “Rider” app to see the bus routes so you know where they stop and which routes they take.

Ask the Front Desk Before Buying Certain Equipment

The front desk always has an array of hidden gems. Always make sure to ask about things like kitchenware, utensils, games, movies, and more before going out and buying your own.

Take Advantage of On-Campus Privileges/Activities (gym, HBO-GO)

Check your subscriptions for things you can cancel! You don’t need things like a gym membership when you can go to TRECS. Students can also take advantage of the free movies the library provides online at and can watch shows for free on HBO-GO using their student ID’s.

By using these tips and tricks, you can end up having a little more cash in your wallet. Whether you need the money or not, it’s always nice to have a little extra at the end of the day.