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So, You Can’t Have Your Pet in the Residence Hall…

By: Shelby Cooper

Summer is winding down and the new school year is quickly approaching!  You are about to move into your new residence hall, but you can only think about one thing – you have to say goodbye to your pet. Saying goodbye can already be hard, but knowing that your pet doesn’t understand why you are packing makes it harder. If your dog is anything like mine, she is going to lay on all your stuff and bark at you while you pack. Not only can leaving be hard on them, it can also be hard on you. Let’s be honest-you’re probably going to cry a little (or a lot) when you leave your home to go move into your residence hall.  

If this describes how you feel, then follow these 3 tips on how to cope without having your pet! 

Tip # 1: FaceTime your pet

When you’re talking to one of your family members and you know they’re home, hit your FaceTime button so you can see your pet! Your pet probably won’t understand what’s happening, but you do and it’ll help you feel 1000x better!

Tip # 2: Set them as your computer backgroundcomputer desktop screen with collage of dogs

Make a collage of all the pics you have of your furry or scaly friends and set them as your computer background! When you’re dreading going and studying in Hodges for that exam, opening your computer and seeing your furry friend(s) will make the perfect study buddy!

Tip # 3: Make your pet a part your room decor

Room Decorations with pictures of dogIf you want to feel like your pet is living with you, make them a part of your room decorations! Find picture frames that meet all of your pet picture needs, as well as pet-themed signs, to help you feel like your pet is living the college life with you.

Living life without your pet (especially if you have only lived your life with one) can be rough, but with time and finding special ways to include them in your new college life will help. Also, take full advantage of the different organizations that bring dogs and other animals to campus for visits such as the HABIT dogs at finals time and Smokey’s Service Dogs, which is a student organization you can join!

This will in no way replace your pet, but hopefully these tips will make surviving your first semester away at college without them a bit more bearable!