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Resident Assistants of the Month – March

Central Area: Stone Susong (Hess Hall)

Stone is known around Hess Hall as being dependable, helpful, and always there for others. Stone goes above and beyond his job duties to help Hess residents. Last month alone, Stone was able to take care of several maintenance issues that were emergencies overnight. Stone is always willing to assist behind the front desk, whether he is scheduled to work or not. Stone assisted in covering extra shifts at the front desk so others could go home early for Spring Holiday weekend. He is willing to assist any time he can and has a very compassionate attitude towards helping his staff members and students. Stone also took a large part in leading the Hess Hall building-wide set up for the program “Club Hess.” He assisted in set up and coming up with plans on how to physically set up the program and hang the curtains. Overall, Stone is one of the most dependable resident assistants Hess Hall has, and will help in any way he can. He completes his RA tasks, but goes above and beyond continuously to assist in making Hess Hall run as smoothly as possible.

East Area: Devin Cowell (Volunteer Hall)

Devin Cowell deserves to be resident assistant of the month because of his drive and work ethic to do more than the standard expectations. During March, Devin has stepped up to take on many additional work duties that include planning building-wide programs and getting the staff to work together on a multitude of projects to make life in Volunteer Hall exciting. During the month of March, Devin took initiative to identify a need to create programming focusing on masculinity and identity issues. Devin recruited his fellow male RAs who wanted to have a program discussing the Dangers of Toxic Masculinity. I was impressed to hear about the size and scope Devin had for this program, his willingness to get all the other male RAs involved, as well as work with the CHEW to organize such an event to teach others about how to improve society. Residents who attended the event gained a greater knowledge and appreciation for the topic and remarked that it was an excellent experience. I believe that through his continued commitment to Volunteer Hall, his residents, and the department, Devin has demonstrated a strong commitment to our principles of civility and made a very positive impact this month through his programming efforts.

West Area: Abby Grogan (South Carrick)

Abby has built a phenomenal community on her floor, which was evident after spring break when residents came back and asked, “Where’s Abby? I need to tell her about my break!” because she was the first person they needed to tell about their breaks and how much they missed her over the week they were gone. This was fun to see, and exciting for her as well. She also has gotten her residents involved in her bulletin boards and had them help her decide what they want to see, which has helped keep them engaged this month – more so than any other before.

Not only does she excel at everything in her role as a resident assistant, but she is also someone that head staff can rely on to get tasks done when we need help with something. Abby does

everything with a smile on her face and a positive attitude! We genuinely enjoy having Abby on staff and the help she provides to everyone on staff.

Abby has also excelled in her academics. Her ability to hold two jobs and improve on her academics without dropping responsibility is amazing. She is definitely a role model for her residents.