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Re-engage in Your Volunteer Community in 2018!

Still looking for a way to get involved but not sure where to start? It’s as simple as leaving your room and walking down the hall. No, really, it’s actually that simple. Every residence hall at the University of Tennessee has a hall council devoted to providing programs for residents. They host monthly events aimed at sparking a feeling of enjoyment and comfort for those who live within the halls. It is a great opportunity for you to gain experience in leadership, marketing, and programming. The best part is that you don’t have to go very far to get involved!  

The hall councils at UT are always up to something, conducting out of the box Donation Box at Laurel Hall eventevents. Whether it be a block party, pizza night, or hosting a super bowl party, the events are sure to be fun and well worth attending. Every residence hall on campus has a hall council executive board and a general body. The general body meets with the e-board as they see fit, suggesting and assisting with programming. While for some halls it may be too late to join an executive board, I can guarantee there is always a need for general body members to help with each event. 

The benefits of joining a hall council are truly one of a kind. There is an opportunity to grow and learn new skills beneficial for a professional career, travel for various housing conferences, vote and contribute to other events on campus, and be among other student leaders with similar interests as yourself. If you want to learn more about the hall council in your residence hall simply ask your RA or attend an upcoming event! We love our hall councils and love showcasing all of the great work that you all do!