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February Resident Assistants of the Month!

February Central Area RA OTM – Matt Bowers

Matt Bowers is a second year Resident Assistant (RA) in Massey Hall. He is creative, innovative and supportive. In the month of February, Matt created all the advertisements for the very successful Massey Hall Murder Mystery program. Matt took the time to make advertisements that were eye catching and informative. Residents were very intrigued by the advertisements that were seen throughout the lobby and individual floors. Matt spent a great deal of time designing and researching different layouts. He is well known in Massey for making the large advertisements for building-wide programs. Matt also used his creative skills to come up with amazing bulletin boards based on “A Serious of Misfortunate Events.” His educational board brought his residents attention to the “Dangerous Effects of Dastardly Drugs”. This bulletin board focused on substance abuse and the effects it can have on one’s body & family.

Matt is an exceptional role model to his floor, as he exemplifies how to effectively balance his academics, RA role and extracurricular activities. This month, and every month this academic semester, Matt has showed his support to his co-workers. Matt is friendly and appreciative of each of his co-workers. He always maintains a positive attitude, regardless of the situation. He holds his co-workers accountable and strives to be the best RA and student that he can be.


February West Area RA OTM – Abigail Rider

Abigail Rider, a second year Resident Assistant (RA) in South Carrick Hall, serves her staff as an exemplary RA, student, and team member. She is always willing to step up and serve others including both new and returning staff members and head staff. At the last minute, Abigail volunteered to work a difficult power weekend to avoid putting a newer staff member in a stressful situation. She is always flexible with schedule changes and frequently volunteers to take on extra responsibilities. Abigail is currently working with University Housing and CHEW to promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. She and a few other RA’s have already helped to develop teams and events for the residents while working with other halls. In addition, Abigail is always there for her residents. During midterms, Abigail noticed the need for her residents to get a study break since they were feeling stressed, and she made chocolate chip pancakes for them. Abigail’s residents always feel comfortable talking with her, and they speak very highly of her to her fellow staff members. She is a positive influence on the resident population in general, as she has worked to build a strong community for all in South Carrick.


February East Area RA OTM – Reau Hamlin

Reau was nominated as Resident Assistant (RA) of the Month for February by her fellow staff members for several reasons. Reau put on an amazing week of programming targeted at getting to know building staff members better, as well as integrating the RA staff with the building staff. This was something that Reau was very passionate about, and by integrating all staff members in Volunteer Hall, we recognized that we are continually learning from one another. Reau has built very strong relationships with the building staff over her 3 years of service to Volunteer Hall and wanted to leave a parting gift of making sure that others took advantage from learning from all staff members. Reau is also a staff member that is willing to help her co-workers out anytime that she possibly can. The staff looks to Reau for help with the job or even guidance in their personal lives. It is for these reasons that Reau is an excellent RA of the Month.