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August/September RA of the Month

Resident Assistants at the University of Tennessee are a vital part of the on-campus living experience. From walking with first-year students to find class buildings, to providing late night support when a faucet is leaking, RAs are on call around the clock and are responsible for fostering the sense of community on their floors.

Cody Carroll: Central Area August RA of the month

photo-2Cody Carroll, an RA in Hess Hall, exemplifies what it means to be an energetic and impactful RA. Cody believes that Hess Hall has a different sense of community than other buildings – a family type of community – and that it’s important to build that sense of family on a daily basis. He accomplishes this by saying hello to everyone he sees, whether they live on his floor or not. The residents on his floor are a diverse group of students, and they all have different personalities and backgrounds. Cody unifies these students through weekly floor dinners on Sunday nights, a very successful program that typically draws 10 or more residents. Through programs like these, Cody hopes that residents learn how to live together and to build relationships with one another. According to Cody, “Everything you do should have a purpose. Academically, socially, you should give every bit of effort you have into everything you do.” These are the kinds of lessons being taught in Hess Hall J2, and Cody’s success and attitude have not gone unnoticed by staff. Cody says he has learned from being an RA, and that you can connect with anyone if you take the time and try. Thank you Cody Carrol for all that you do!

Kaylyn Harris: West Area August RA of the month

image1-6Kaylyn Harris, a Reese Hall Resident Assistant, is a senior majoring in Advertising with a minor in Business Administration. Kaylyn is new to the housing world this year, but it surely hasn’t stopped her from shining bright early in the year. With a majority of her residents being first-year students, Kaylyn’s programs have surrounded a theme of “new adventures”. She hosted an event entitled “Letting Go” in which her residents were able to write on an orange or white balloon a FEAR they each had about coming to college. Likewise, she constructed small orange and white boxes for them to place a GOAL into the box. Kaylyn explains, “Later this semester, I plan to allow the girls to peep into their boxes and determine if they have reached that goal and for us to decide what we can do to achieve it in the spring!” Kaylyn has hosted other programs such as “Pride In You”, “Pajama Party”, and “Breakfast for Parents” with a few of her fellow Reese Hall RAs.

Kaylyn’s favorite part about being a resident assistant is the connections that she has made with her residents! She says, “I remember being a first year student and far away from home, so if I am able to ease any nerves or worries then I am here to do that!” It’s RAs like Kaylyn that make University Housing a wonderful place to live, work, and be. Thank you so much to RA Kaylyn, and all of our other resident assistants out there. We couldn’t do it without you!

Abby Grogan: Central Area September RA of the month

photo-3Abby Grogan, an RA in Hess Hall, is a community builder and a change maker on her floor and in her building. Recognized by her fellow staff members and the residents that live on her floor as exciting, caring, and authentic, Abby goes out of her way to make everyone she sees in Hess feel like they belong there. Building a strong community among residents is important to Abby, and is something that she enjoys being able to do as she lives and works in Hess. Dedication to her position is reflected in her programs, such as the Wet and Wild field day that she hosted in conjunction with J2 and K2 of Hess Hall. Residents were given the opportunity to go outside and get messy, as well as make friends with the people who they share a home with. As an RA, Abby hopes that residents learn what it means to be a Volunteer and how to live out the Volunteer spirit. This includes being open minded, eager to help and address problems, and learning from everyone you meet. Abby Grogan exemplifies this herself as she impacts those around her. You might catch Abby just hanging out and chatting with residents on her floor sometime. When you do, thank her for the hard work that she does!

Wilson Wade: West Area September RA of the Month

img_0007Wilson Wade is a sophomore majoring in Forestry and a first-year RA in North Carrick Hall. Wilson has been an incredible asset to the North Carrick team. He is a ball of energy and very eager to learn.  Wilson always offers his generosity despite the situation to both the North and South Carrick staff when needed. Since his employment as an RA, Wilson held a “Drunk-ology” program with UTPD in the beginning of September, where they brought awareness to our residents about the dangers and risks involved with alcohol consumption. Wilson is very involved with NCRA, where he attends and participates in just about every program, some of which include: Meet & Greet for Sweets, Video-games and Pizza, Paint the Rock Carrick Edition, and many others. Wilson has taken one of the lead roles on coordinating the 3rd annual “Walking Carrick” program, which will take place in October. He has an easy-going personality that his residents and staff love, but he is also a very dependable RA, who always remain calm under pressure. Wilson and the Carrick family continue to make us proud and will continue doing great things for the University Housing department!

Ethan Stanfield: East Area September RA of the month

ra_of_the_month_pictureVolunteer Hall would like to nominate Ethan Stanfield. Ethan is a first year RA that has shown that he is a hard worker and can handle any situation that comes his way. Ethan has come across the most incidents thus far and seems to be the only one around when things happen in Volunteer Hall.  Ethan always handles himself in a cool, calm, and professional manner, no matter the situation. Ethan also shows outstanding patience when dealing with situation that are not his to handle. During the Florida game there was a drunk driver in the parking garage and even though Ethan did not have to, he stayed in the parking garage until the incident was over – 3 hours later. Ethan even tried to get the driver out of the vehicle and talk to him so that he did not injure himself or anyone else.

Ethan’s ability to always be around when something is going down and handling like a pro is not lost on anyone on the Volunteer Hall staff.  The staff has recognized Ethan’s outstanding qualities and want to let him know that he is doing a fantastic job and to keep up the great work, along with Ethan can ask for help when needed.