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Vols @ Home: My Favorite Memory in a Residence Hall

By: T’Angela Knight

My first year living on campus was amazing because I gained six new best friends by joining my residence hall association: Hess Hall Council.

When I moved into Hess Hall in August, I was terrified that I would be alone and that no one would want to be my friend. I had grown up as the only child in my home, and all of my friends from high school decided to attend different universities. So there I was: alone—completely alone as my family traveled seven hours back home to Memphis. I had no idea what steps to take in finding a new community, and I did not want to get out of my comfort zone.

IMG_5330But being the ambitious student I am, I jumped on the opportunity to apply for a leadership position in my hall. I interviewed for the Historian position of Hess Hall Council (HHC), and I was soooo excited when I was notified that I was chosen for the role.

When I met the other members of HHC, I’ll admit that I was a little hesitant to let down my guard because everyone was so energetic and outgoing. But 10 minutes into our first conversation, I knew I was going to love being around my fellow officers because they brightened my mood instantly.

We were all so determined to create our own legacies at UT, even in our first year in college. Also, we were super competitive, so when we had to go head-to-head against other hall associations at our fall training, we bonded even closer. The theme had a James Bond feel, and we definitely killed it! ?

Our programs were the best too! We had a Fall CarniVOL, Finals Tree, Café Hess, Wingsday, and so much more. But most importantly, we wanted our residents to enjoy living within our hall. HHC was given the back portion of the front desk, and we basically lived there, lol. Any time you would walk by, at least 3 of the 7 members of HHC would be at the desk, and we used that opportunity to cheer any of our residents up if they were ever down.IMG_5567

Their optimism was contagious! Whenever I was stressed out, they were always there for me—whether they knew I was sad or not. I also cannot forget our amazing advisor, Timothy, who was the Assistant Hall Director of Hess during our term. He always kept it real with me and encouraged us to be our best because #HessIsBest.

Now I am an incoming sophomore, and though I’ll be living in Hess as an RA, most of the rest of Hess Hall Council will not be. It saddens me that I won’t be able to see their faces every day, but the joy they brought me will forever resonate in my heart. ❤️

About Me

My name is T’Angela Knight, and I am a sophomore double major in Marketing and Psychology at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. I am currently an RA in Hess Hall  . Also, as a founder of Collegiate DECA, a business organization, at my University, I helped successfully recruit 100 members into our organization within 6 months as a freshman. I really enjoy understanding the human mind and sharing my experiences with others, which is why I have maintained my job with the Peer Power Tutoring Foundation back in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee for 4 years. Because of my desire in business and psychology, my career goal is to open my own advertising agency in which I employ marketing strategies centered around neurotransmittic activity and consumer purchasing motivations.