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Honors & Scholars


The Honors & Scholars Living & Learning Community (LLC) will be open to first-year students within any of the four Honors & Scholars programs: 1794 Scholars, Chancellor’s Honors, Honors Leadership, and Haslam Scholars.  The Haslam Scholars students are required to participate in the LLC in their first year, while it is optional for all other programs.

The Honors & Scholars LLC provides a residential environment where you are encouraged to achieve academic excellence and make a positive contribution to the community, both individually and collectively. By living and working within a community of like-minded peers, you will be given an environment to grow, learn, and thrive.  The foundation of any LLC is its students, and its success depends on our ability and willingness to treat community members with respect and civility inside and outside of the classroom.

The Honors & Scholars LLC is located in Brown Hall and Dogwood Hall for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please note that hall locations are subject to change.

Community Requirements

As a member of the Honors & Scholars LLC, you must remain in good standing with your respective honors program by participating in the curricular and co-curricular components, including the corresponding course(s) to your program.

1794:  UNHO 101 (fall)

Chancellor’s Honors: English 198 (fall), English 298 (spring)

Haslam Scholars:  HSP 257: Power (fall), HSP 267: Life (spring)

Honors Leadership:  ELPS 207:  Foundations of Leadership Studies (fall), ELPS 217: Ethics in Leadership (spring)


Dr. Matthew Blaylock
Engagement Coordinator
Honors & Scholars Programs