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The Engage Living & Learning Community provides a supportive environment for first-year students who have been admitted to the College of Engineering.   Engage is founded on the common coursework taken by first-year engineering students, Engineering Fundamentals, a curriculum that includes project-oriented, hands-on team activities and explorations in physics and computer applications.


Students choosing to live in the Engage community will benefit from living in the same residence hall as other first-year engineering students taking the same courses. This makes it easy to share notes,  form study groups, and  develop camaraderie.   Engage members will develop strong bonds and personal relationships with their fellow future engineers and begin networking early with professors and upper-division students to help them be successful. As an additional resource, community members will have access to a peer mentor from the Engage Leadership Team.  Engage LLC students have the opportunity to participate in fun and educational trips and physics exam review sessions.   Engage LLC students interact under the guidance and direction of upper-division engineering students living in the community with them.

The Engage LLC will be located in Orange Hall for 2020-2021.  All LLC locations are subject to change.

Community Requirements

Eligible students must be admitted to the College of Engineering.

College of Engineering students who will be enrolled in Engineering Fundamentals Courses or Math 130 their first semester are eligible to participate in the community. Engineering students who are in the 1794, Chancellor’s Honors, or Honors Leadership programs may choose to apply to live in the Engage or Honors & Scholars community.


For questions about Engage LLC programming, contact Amy Biegalski, Rachel McCord, or Engineering Fundamentals Main Office: 865-974-9810

Visit the Engineering Fundamentals Program page for additional details.

For questions about how to apply for the LLC or general questions about housing/room assignments, please contact University Housing.