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The Vibe Living & Learning Community (LLC) is sponsored by College of Communication and Information for students within the School of Communication Studies.  The Vibe LLC is designed to engage the whole student, tying together in-class experiences with learning outside the classroom. Living together with your peers who share common interests and intellectual pursuits offers the opportunity for you to become part of a community of scholars.

The Vibe LLC will be located in Magnolia Hall for 2020-2021.  All LLC locations are subject to change.

Vibe LLC Goals

  1. Create learning-based peer networks
  2. Improve the academic success of first-year students
  3. Improve student retention from the freshman to sophomore year and
  4. Increase student satisfaction with the undergraduate experience
  5. Improve student-faculty interaction outside the classroom
  6. Provide enrichment opportunities that will enhance learning

Community Requirements

As a member of the Vibe LLC, you must enroll in the designated section of CMST 240 and ENG 101.

The VIBE Community will be open to students majoring in any of the College of Communication and Information undergraduate majors. We offer four undergraduate programs, including communication studies, advertising, public relations, and journalism and electronic media.


Cathy J. Cuevas
Lecturer, Public Speaking
School of Communication Studies