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Guidelines for Stakeholder Access

Department Requests:

  1. Any staff  member requesting approval to be added to the Approved Stakeholders list must submit the request two business days in advance of needing approval to the following link –
  1. The approved stakeholder will check in at the residence hall desk and request access.
  2. The approved stakeholder must present the desk staff with a UT Staff ID to obtain an access card.
  3. The University Housing staff member will verify that the individual is on the list of Approved Stakeholders.
  4. The hall staff member will record the proper information in the Facilities Access Card Information Log.
  5. The University Housing staff member will explain to the approved stakeholder that the access card is programmed to be used from 6am – 7pm and that the card must be returned by 7pm. (Note: ADS staff members indicated as “Athletic Trainer” on the Approved Stakeholder list will be permitted to obtain the access card at any time.)
  6. If the access card is not returned, the card will be reported as lost and deactivated.
  7. The Access Card will gain entry only to specific public doors.
  8. Any misuse of the access card will result in the staff member losing all access privileges until further notice. Any approved stakeholder whose privileges are revoked will be reported to the sponsoring Department.