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Card Access Problem Intake Form

Use this form to provide a detailed description of the issue being reported.  This form is for providing follow-up information only.  Use the form to fill in information about the problem from the caller.

A phone call to the appropriate personnel will still be required before submitting this form.

Please do not disclose these numbers to callers – advise caller of whom you are contacting. The appropriate personnel will then make contact with the caller within a half-hour for follow up using the data you have submitted on the form.

Problem Type Problem Description Business Hours Non-Business Hours  Backup Call

(Any time.  Leave message if no answer.)

Type A Related to programming or internal data.  Contact Deparmental IT Staff by phone. M-F 8AM-5PM
Greg Schweiger974-0380
Greg Schweiger
Richard Swearingen
Type B Related to system-wide data or system-critical hardware failure.  Contact Vol Card by phone. M-F 7:30AM-4:30PM
VolCard Office
VolCard on-call personnel.  Consult on-call schedule at Call Center Richard Swearingen
Type C Related to specific hardware or software at door, lockset, or reader.  Contact appropriate facilities personnel first for inspection of hardware. M-F 8AM-5PM
Appropriate MaintenanceLaurel or Volunteer – Call Building Maintenance via the Radio.All Other Halls –Britt Patterson 974-3495 or 865-978-2600
Appropriate Maintenance

Laurel and Volunteer – Per Emergency Maintenance Protocols.

All other Halls 976-7777


 David Oaks
Unknown Cannot diagnose or triage. Richard Swearingen
Richard Swearingen
Richard Swearingen














Card Access Problem Intake