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Resident Assistants of the Month – October

Taylor Owens - Resident Assistant of the MonthCentral Area: Massey Hall: Taylor Owens

For the month of October, Massey Hall’s shining GREEN star goes to Taylor Owens. Taylor volunteered to lead the charge in Massey Hall’s attempt at winning the POWER challenge. She made sure to give the staff weekly updates and reminders about POWER challenge, and also served as the voice of Massey Hall when it came to being in contact with any questions or concerns the staff had about POWER challenge with the Office of Sustainability. Taylor put on four programs this month, three of which had an educational take away for residentst Taylor also put on two programs that were specifically aimed at POWER challenge with crafty take aways for residents, including their very own self watering wild flower plants! Taylor Owens was the perfect RA in Massey Hall while also maintaining extremely high grades on class assignments to further the goal of Massey Hall to bring home the Golden Brain trophy. In all honesty, these words simply do not do enough to capture all the things that Taylor has done for Massey Hall this month.

Carolee Mabe - Resident Assistant of the MonthEast Area: Clement Hall: Carolee Mabe

In the month of October, Carolee went the extra mile for Habitat for Humanity by creating a “Boo Pops” program where residents could send candy grams to one another. She also created a fish-naming contest where residents could donate money in a change war. She spread Halloween cheer in all of Clement! Carolee also dealt with several resident issues on her floor and truly went above and beyond the call of duty. She dealt with complaints and very tricky roommate conflicts, and all the while she had a smile on her face and kept her positive attitude. She spent countless hours talking to residents and made sure all their needs were met. She is always a helpful hand to the staff and for all these reasons and many more we would like to nominate Carolee Mabe for RA of the month.

Abby Grogan - Resident Assistant of the MonthWest Area: South Carrick Hall: Abby Grogan

During the month of October, Abby Grogan has settled into her role as a 2nd year RA. She has taken on a mentoring role to the five first-year RAs on the South Carrick staff. Each one of the first-years on staff have talked about various situations that Abby has helped them through, whether it be their family dog passing away, or losing friends due to their new RA position. Mentoring is not something anyone asked her to do, but Abby takes it on because she wants to help other RAs become the best they can be for their staff and their residents. Abby does not realize though that we also have some returners who have followed her lead and her guidance because she knows how to do her job that well. If that doesn’t speak to the kind of RA Abby is, nothing will.