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Adulting is Hard!

Adulting is Hard!

By: Anna Brown

Coming to college signals a shift into adulthood, and being an adult is difficult. We have to learn how to balance work, school, and our social lives while also worrying about financial aid and needs too. There are often times when we wish we could go back to the kindergarten days when we could nap and play with Play-Doh. Well, Stokely hall knew just what to do to help students let off some stress before finals. They had an “Adulting is Hard: 90’s Night” full of nostalgic reminisces from childhood. Everyone had an amazing time and all the students were loving the program! Of course, that could just be the happy meals…

Not only was there an abundance of McDonald’s classic happy meals, but there was a whole buffet of delicious treats that people were lined up to get into. Aside from food, there were people making their own slime, hopping on giant bouncy balls, riding around on children’s scooters, coloring on papers or in coloring books, and building incredible or even silly Lego sculptures.

What happened when the students got tired of all the fun activities? Then it was time to build a fort! Residents in Stokely made a wonderful tent equipped with Christmas lights and extra Legos, and if they were still aching for more, there were cartoons set up, too.

With Stokely hall’s help, many of their residents are now feeling less anxious and better prepared to take on their final exams. We all look forward to seeing the amazing results and hope that more halls will contribute to these stress-relieving activities!