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Resident Assistants of the Month – September

Denisha Patrick - RA OTMWest Area: Denisha Patrick (South Carrick) 

This past month, resident assistant Denisha Patrick has shown significant growth in her position as a first-year RA. Her determination to know her residents is admirable and her dedication to providing her residents with plausible options when navigating conflict has been exemplary.

Working through challenges with Denisha has been a wonderful opportunity to see how she has embraced the role of an RA. She understands that her role goes beyond the programming expectations, but that she is also there to support the varying needs of her community. Through these experiences, Denisha has already been able to make such positive impact on her residents. She may not realize the extent of that impact yet, but she has had a tremendous one. We are very proud of all of the things she has accomplished, and we know she will continue to be successful for the upcoming year as she learns more about her role as an RA.

Travis Livingston - RA OTMCentral Area: Travis Livingston (Hess Hall) 

Travis Livingston has started his role as a new resident assistant very strong.  He brings a unique personality to our staff that no one else has and has exposed our staff to new interests.  The Hess staff embraces Travis and loves spending time with him behind the desk and working with him.  He has a true love for helping people and also for his bicycle.  He has consistently strived to have strong bulletin boards, programs his residents will attend, and make sure policies are being followed on his hallway.  Any time you need assistance you can count on Travis.

In addition to his RA responsibilities, Travis serves as the RA Liaison to Hess Hall Council. Travis brings a breadth of knowledge and experience after serving as a Treasurer on Orange and White Residents Association. Travis has been instrumental in helping us get the word out there on who the Executive Board is and events coming up. In the last event, Travis not only participated, but also helped in the set-up and breakdown of the event. During staff meetings, Travis is sure to promote the initiatives and events that HHC is undertaking.

Hannah Chong - RA OTMEast Area: Hannah Chong (Volunteer Hall) 

Hannah Chong is by far an outstanding Resident Assistant for not only the Vol Hall staff, but also, the University of Tennessee as a whole. Hannah goes above and beyond her call of duty as an RA. On a continuous basis Hannah will check up personally with all residents, fellow staff members, and head staff to see how their life is holding up, and she provides support for all of her fellow staff members by always being willing to take the lead on planning an event or program for the building. She is always pushing and striving to do her best, whether that be a program, bulletin boards, or in her own education. During the month of September, Hannah helped plan and coordinate two excellent events in Vol Hall: a professional headshot program where residents could get professional photos taken for job searching, as well as the Operation ID program collaborating with UTPD to help register and label students’ belongings, such as bikes, laptops, and other items. We cannot be prouder of the work that Hannah has done this past month. We are entirely thankful and appreciative for her effort to be a fantastic leader and a positive source of energy for our team.