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Resident Assistants of the Month – August

West Area:

Abbey Such, Stokely Hall

Abbey is a senior first-year resident assistant who jumped in and started off the year giving 110%. At her first floor meeting, Abbey was the only Stokely RA to not provide ice cream, but instead she had her residents color pictures for patients at the Children’s Hospital. Abbey has been so helpful to other RAs on staff by helping them with programs, advertisements, and desk shifts. Even though this is her first year, the other RAs already look to her for friendship, wisdom, and guidance. We are so lucky and appreciative to have her on our team!

Image of Caleb Boyd, RA

Central Area:

Caleb Boyd, Massey Hall

Throughout training and move in, Caleb was a strong team member for not only the head staff, but also the new resident assistants.  He was always around to help answer questions and support new RAs through any process.  He was also a huge help to the assistant hall director regarding the marketing and coordination of Massey Hall Council. Caleb has pushed himself to be a leader on this staff, and has put a great foot forward for the year.  He continues to keep academics in mind, cultivates amazing relationships, and pushes staff to enjoy time together!


East Area:

Elisha Brewer, Laurel Hall

Without a doubt the most exceptional resident assistant this past month in Laurel Hall has been Elisha Brewer. Elisha led the way with the Laurel Hall Lip Sync performance which helped Laurel Hall place 3rd overall in the competition. Elisha’s bulletin board and door decs were selected by the Laurel Hall head staff as the most outstanding amongst the entire staff for the month of August and September. Elisha started off with going door-to-door to meet all of her residents to establish solid relationships with each of them. Elisha has also already partnered with outside campus offices for programs. A piñata program to relieve stress was coordinated by Elisha where she had the CHEW come and speak to the residents of the 6th floor about stress relief. Elisha has handled her position with ease and continues to impress in her first semester as an RA in Laurel Hall.