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Resident Assistants of the Month – March

West Area RA OTM – Sumain Hemani

Sumain Hemani is a sophomore studying Kinesiology with a minor in Spanish. As of late January, she’s brand new to the South Carrick staff, but she’s already blossomed as a resident assistant. Throughout March, she worked numerous desk shifts to help out her fellow staff members—even if it made her own schedule more hectic. Sumain believes being an RA is a great way to connect her residents with the people and resources they need. She strives to provide a positive environment in her community so residents can enjoy their on-campus experience. She loved her own on-campus living experience, and wants to share her happiness and joy with the rest of the South Carrick community.


East Area RA OTM – Elise Taylor

Elise is always going above and beyond what is asked of her. She is an incredible leader for the staff in Laurel and leads by example continuously. Not only has Elise handled multiple issues this month regarding her residents, but she has been an asset to the other RA’s as well. Elise is constantly encouraging the staff and keeping everyone “checked in” until the end of the semester by watching out for deadlines and details that might go missed. Elise has played in integral role in programming efforts for the building as well as building relationships with her residents. She is without question deserving of this honor.


Central Area RA OTM – Laura Bulmer

Laura Bulmer deserves to be the March RA of the month for her commitment to Rokerthon World Record. This morning, Laura and 25 of her residents met at the front desk to walk to Neyland Stadium. Laura advertised this event heavily and even went room to room this morning knocking on doors. At 5:15AM this morning, Laura came down with over 20 residents. The girls were excited and eager to walk together as a floor. Laura took a floor picture with all her residents before they departed. This speaks to Laura’s ability to connect with her residents. Her floor has such a strong community because she shows her passions and that rubs off on her floor. Laura also worked with a group of other RAs to plan and execute a female body image program. This was a program focused on body positivity and breaking down societal pressures on women’s appearance. Attendees left this program feeling empowered and supported by a network of young women in Massey. These women were not shamed for how they felt but had their feelings validated on such a touchy subject. This program was educational.