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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville is home to over 300 student organizations. Although each organization offers students a unique experience and the opportunity to be involved on campus, the United Residence Halls Council and the National

Residence Hall Honorary serve on-campus residents in a distinctive way that often goes unrecognized. Through involvement with these organizations, residents learn how to lead their peers in a supportive environment, and gain experience and knowledge through service and leadership towards others who call Rocky Top home sweet home. We would like to take a moment and recognize those who make this possible!

The United Residence Halls Council is a general governing body that operates under University Housing in an effort to guide eleven residence hall associations. Their work primarily focuses on supporting each hall council in their efforts to serve residents and improve the on-campus experience. Each year, URHC hosts a variety of programs, and this year was especially successful in connecting with residents and the Knoxville community through programs like Trunk-or-Treat at Circle Park in conjunction with NRHH, and a free screening of Selma, featuring a panel of university professors. This organization is also responsible for selling and distributing care packages, which are then delivered to residents in their halls. The care package program not only raises funds, but allows first-year students who are transitioning to living on campus the opportunity to receive a little treat and be reminded of home. The winter and spring banquets are also annual URHC affairs, and they recognize the hall associations and their members who work hard throughout the year to create innovative programs for residents.

The National Residence Halls Honorary is an elite student organization dedicated to advocating for the welfare and interests of those who live in residence halls. NRHH is a member of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc., and hosts programs throughout the year committed to advancing and informing the experiences that residents on campus have. This year, NRHH has hosted programs like Cocktails and Conversations and Choose Your Poison, which engaged residents by providing genuine learning opportunities through collaboration with the UT Police Department. NRHH is also hosting a Spring Festival coming up, as well as bringing a new program to campus called Students Honoring Others’ Everyday Struggles (SHOES) which will recognize the spectrum of challenges that students face and provide participants the opportunity to learn about these challenges. Additionally, each month NRHH recognizes “Of the Month” campus winners for outstanding contributions to Residence Life. These awards acknowledge the personal growth and development, as well as advancements in housing, that the winners have made. NRHH is founded in leadership, and its members exemplify what it means to make a difference on campus.

Throughout the year, URHC and NRHH provide support to their members and members of the campus community by supporting and hosting authentic programs. This is possible thanks to the executive boards of these organizations, who work tirelessly to plan, promote, coordinate, develop, and execute these programs. These students are sometimes underappreciated for their extensive dedication to their organizations, and we think they deserve a moment of recognition and special thanks for their personal contributions. Both URHC and NRHH are large organizations that bring smaller organizations and members together. With excited, professional, and talented leaders, they function together to make living on campus at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville an exceptional experience.

Thank you to the URHC Executive Board: Trey Rollins (President), Ty Lidell (Vice-President), Taylor Thomas (Treasurer), Jorden Albright (PR), Jack Moran (Historian), Gracie Duda (Secretary), Kat Spight (NCC), and Jillian Blueford (Advisor).

Thank you to the NRHH Executive Board: Dylan Roberts (President), Kristi Cao (Vice-President), Will Hanson (PR & Marketing), and Jillian Blueford (Advisor).