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Vols @ Home: RA Advice- First Year FAQ

Hey New Vols! After reflecting on my own first-year experience and my years of being an Resident Assistant for many first-year students, I created this list of FAQ just for you!

Why? Because #VolsHelpVols!

Will my professors care if I go to class?

Yes! Most classes have attendance policies that are pretty strict. Believe it or not, I was afraid of talking to my professors. They intimidated me. But one day, my professor handed back a paper and told me I did a great job. and she wanted to speak with me further about my interests in life. That’s when I knew professors care about much more than just having you sit there.

Introduce yourself to your professors. The more they see and know you, the more likely they are to help you when you really need it (for grades or when you are looking for internships!).

I can’t find a club I really want to join. Should I transfer?

No way, friend! Go to Vol Link to search the almost 500 student organizations that UT has to offer! If you still can’t find one you like, why not start one? The information is all online, and what’s a better way to get inVOLved than to start your own club?

Where is the best place to grab food with friends?

I love the convenience of Presidential Court Building (PCB)! There’s plenty of space for you and your friends and so many options ranging from a salad bar, pizza, cereal, sandwiches, and various hot lines! Go between 10:30am and 2:30pm to get all your options: only the salad, pizza, dessert, and cereal are available between 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

I’m feeling a little (or A LOT) homesick (or sad). Help?

Leaving home is a big transition. My family is 5 hours away and can’t afford to come visit. What helps me is to FaceTime or Skype them (Skype is free!). I also find being alone isn’t the best for me when I’m missing home. Ask you roommate or RA if they want to grab dinner or play some video games. If you ever feel like you need more than just a friend, you can always call 974-HELP in times of crisis. UT cares about you and trust me, you’re not the only one struggling. Please utilize the Student Counseling Center!

Books are expensive. I can’t afford them!

It is no secret that college is expensive. The UT Bookstore is super convenient and offers a price comparison tool that lists various online sources and their prices: just type in your Net ID and Password! Sometimes I’ll rent my books for the semester.

Where is a peaceful place on campus to study or relax?

I love to sit in the Hess amphitheater off Pedestrian walkway! I also love Blueberry Falls (by the Student Union) and the University Gardens (on the Ag Campus). Pretty close to campus is World’s Fair Park: go kick around a soccer ball or toss a Frisbee with friends!

My name is Adam Hathcock. I’m a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee, and I am attending Arkansas Tech this fall to pursue a Master’s in College Student Personnel. My ideal career is to work with first generation college students.