greenhouseThis community offers first year students an opportunity to incorporate sustainable practices and principles in their daily lives while living on a college campus. Greenhouse promotes the development of strategies that students can use while at UT and in their lives after UT.

Through experiential and curriculum based education, participants will learn about behavioral modifications that lead to environmentally friendly lifestyles. Ranging from outdoor recreational activities to hands on service projects, your time in Greenhouse will nurture your passion and influence on the environment. Regardless if you are familiar with sustainable practices or just starting to gain an interest in sustainable efforts, this community will provide students with knowledge and experiences they will use for a lifetime.

Community Requirements

Greenhouse is open to all first-year students who have an interest in the environment and want to learn how they play a part in preserving it, on UT’s campus and beyond.

Community members will be required to register for a Greenhouse-specific course, FYS 129: Restoring Nature or Environmental Themes in Science Fiction.


Office of Sustainability
2233 Volunteer Blvd., Room  203
Knoxville, TN 37996
Phone: 865-974-7780

Preston Jacobsen, Sustainability Manager